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staying connected to a mobile wifi hotspot when driving and parked.

i have not had my dash cam long and was pondering how best to keep the camera connected to a wifi hotspot and cloud connection for event uploads and live view when driving and and being away from the car.

i have seen a video on the blackvue website where a guy installed a little black mobile router by using a double 12 volt splitter, one to the power magic pro and the other to the router, and then to a usb adaptor 12v , this enabled him to power his router and stop it draining his battery with it connected to the magic pro.

i really did not fancy doing all this with wiring again and looked around for a portable wifi box to use on the go and which would have enough battery power to last, first one i got was rubbish, had a sleep function  which i could not turn off.

the second one is called GLOCALME G3 4G LTE.

This is everything i could have wished for to solve this problem, it is a great device, you get 15 hours from a fully charged battery, which is more than enough for me, set it as a garage hotspot and it will connect to this device all the time,  i have watched my wife drive everywhere with this in the car while i have been sat at home and vise versa,talking through the microphone , bring it into the house and you will be connected also. it doesn't go to sleep, you get free 1.10gb data to start with, 2 sim slots to put your own in or you can buy data from them.

if you are having problems with cloud connectivity and live view, i really recommend you try this, cost is 143.99 pounds, stuck a £10.00 sim card in with 3gb data pay as you go. spending the amount of money people have on the blackvue dash cams,then go that little bit extra and try this wifi box,  it will solve a lot of connection issues you might be having, and its portable, you can hide it in the car knowing the battery will last , you don't have to hardwire it in, and you can take it into your home whenever you want. takes a good few hours to first fully charge up.

i just thought i would share this to help others if they are having issues, it's much better than hard wiring it in, and it really does work great. i was trying to use a personal hotspot on a iphone at first which never connected, this has solved it all.

hope it helps, 



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    Mine is a Verizon Hot Spot and works the same way.  Also you can leave it in the console plugged into the USB port so it will charge whenever the car is on and the USB port is live.  The downside is if you are parked longer than the battery life the mobile hot spot will not be able to keep you connected to the cloud.  Say you are on vacation or parked someplace you don't drive your car daily.

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