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Unable to read number plates

I must be doing something wrong.  Just installed my 900 yesterday.  Just got cloud working today.  Went for a quick spin.  When I view the video from the cloud (either in viewer or download to local drive) I can't read a single number plate, of cars in front or on side of road.  They are all blurry.  I haven't tried from SD card yet but will do that tomorrow.

The setting on the Camera is UHD @ 30 and FHD @ 30

Please tell me I'm doing something wrong or else this is a big waste of money


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    Hello Chris

     Can you please send a sample video clip at so that our technical team can assess if it's an issue with the specific unit?


    Thank you 

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    Tom P

    I have same issue and have cam set to 4K. I will bet if I read from SD card, resolution will be as expected.

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    Andrew Chrich

    Did this get resolved ? I have the same issue on the front cam - image quality seems to be poor but not sure if its the way I`m reviewing it as it stands I can`t use any of the data.

    Now I don`t expect to be able to read the number plates at this distance but I did not expect everything to be so blurred. They don`t get any better closer up.

    The 1080p rear camera is spot on.


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