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power magic battery and sd card

the 750 will be my first dash cam, so I'm excited to receiving and it and hooking it up.  is there a reason why I SHOULD NOT get a power magic battery or is the customer service person at black vue just scaring to buy a battery?  also, the 750 comes with a 32gb sd card. is this sufficient space or is 32gb a waste and I should buy a 64/128gb card?  I already ordered a 128gb from amazon for $35.  it's a class 10 and U1 specs, but the customer service person recommends that I buy their 128gb card for $130-150.  can you guys let me know or provide insight about the magic battery and the sd card?  thank you in advance.


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    Dear Yeeman

     You can definitely use the Power Magic Battery pack. There should be no issue in using it. For the memory card, it really depends how much you drive and how many recordings do you want to save. The SD card will automatically overwrite the files when it's full so you don't have to worry about reformatting the card repeatedly.

      We recommend blackvue SD cards because they are specially designed for dashcams to sustain heat, to intensive recording and they are also format free. You can use third party SD card but we don't guarantee their optimal performance.


    Thank you 

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    Just to add to Chris's comment - Not every third party memory card would be compatible - you should only look for U3 rated cards with at least 30mb/s writing speed, to avoid lost footage and corrupted card. 

    Reputable brands will work fine, like SanDisk and Lexar.

    I'm using Sandisk High Endurance myself, but i have other DashCam in a second car from manufacturer different to BlackVue, and i got a Lexar 633X U3 128GB microSD video monitoring microSD card.

    But if you could, it is always better to use the BlackVue branded memory cards they are built to match their cameras perfectly.  

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