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DR650S-1CH message "Dashcam model error!"

The original problem was that my smart phone is not connecting to Blackvue DR650S-1CH. I have tried using 2 different iPhone8, the SSID was not showing up, tried manually entering SSID and password. That did not help. (The dashcam was fresh out of the box.)
Found the possible solution in item#4 in:
The steps followed was from
The firmware was downloaded from
After the dashcam upgrade (Just my assumprion. No way to know whether successful or not.), the error message from the dashcam is "dashcam model error!." I could not find solution for this.

BTW, I tried it twice.

This is my last shot, or I'll be returning this.

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    Happened to me (the dashcam keeps saying dashcam model error)Just insert your sd card and format it using the dashcam itself (holding down the button) on the dashcam. Shld work after this

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