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FYI: Uninstaller false flags all my other programs on the same drive and deleted them

 I have a separate Programs folder on a secondary drive that I place all my games on. I attempted to install the blackvue pc viewer there and had issues. I then uninstalled it to attempt to correct it and the uninstaller took all my blizzard and GOG games with it. these were 50 gig plus installs each so this is extremely annoying. Not to mention any save data is lost here as well.


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    Thanks for the information.

    Apparently when you change the default Installation path (i.e C drive -> Program Files) to any other, it doesn't install the blackvue pc viewer program in a separate FOLDER.

    It should be fixed soon!

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    No i got the installer in correctly. Its when i uninstall it that it deletes other programs other than the blackvue pc viewer thats the problem.

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