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FIX Internet Unavailable Via WIFI on Android Smartphones


RE: - Can I access internet on my smartphone when it is connected to dashcam?

The Internet is currently not available while connected to the camera's (DR900-2CH) hotspot.  This is by design and not a necessity, I'm suggesting 2 possible easyish solutions (there will be more possibilities):

  1. Where a cloud account is being used by the camera the internet already exists via it (at least when connected to a home or other wifi hotspot)

  2. Normally when I connect to hotspots that don't have internet access, Android will let me know and the internet will continue via the phone's data connection (SIM/MOBILE data rather than it's wifi).  So the camera's hotspot must be fooling Android (accidentally or intentionally) into believing that it has internet access.

In any case I'd rather do everything via the cloud, but thats not possible (updating camera settings).


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