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No chance to connect to Camera via WIFI with Galaxy NOTE9 - look at your comments in Google Store and you will see that this is an issue now for a longer time ..

No way to connect to the camera via WIFI with Samsung Galaxy NOTE9 running Android 8.1. Latest firmware on DRS900S-2CH - latest app from Google Store - no way.  Just an error message that it can`t connect.

Can you please fix that immediately - Your ratings on Google store about the app are full of complaints about this issue ..... You should be aware that there is a huge problem for more than a few days ..

Finally I could get a workaround for the first setup  using my iPad with IOS 12.1.1 to set up the camera initially. But I do not want to run always around with the ipad into my parking area or to the car to get access to my data ....


Thanks for your support..


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