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Power Magic EZ increased battery discharge with MINI Cooper

I got the Power Magic EZ a couple of weeks ago. Installation was a breeze, but I've been seeing a battery discharge warning pop up on my Mini. Anyone else experience this with their vehicles? I know the PM EZ is supposed to prevent overdrawing of power, but the PM EZ is the only thing connected to the car that could cause this and the car is less than a year old so it;s not the battery being old.


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    I also purchased Power Magic EZ to use with MINI (F56).

    What's worrisome is Voltage cut-off  is only 12 / 12.5V.

    So, I have not connected PM EZ yet.

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    Wendy Dunham

    I have Power Magic EZ and no problems. Mine is set to the default 12.0 V cutoff and infinite timer, and it will power off overnight for me.  What increases battery discharge rate is having Cloud enabled and Wi-Fi enabled (required for Cloud and therefore Wi-Fi Auto "On" whenever Cloud is enabled). So, several experts suggest disabling Cloud, which in turn allows you to then go and disable Wi-Fi Auto "On". You should also enable Wi-Fi Auto "Off". This will extend the battery cut-off time by up to 25%. You'll have to press the Wi-Fi button on the cam to enable Wi-Fi when desired, but it will shut off automatically 5-10 minutes after you shut off your car ignition. I just did this to my 900S-2CH. I'll see if I get more battery life when parked.

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