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OMG ... How annoying to now have 15 seconds of advertisements everytime I want to look at a camera recording or live view!!!
I paid over £400 for a camera system and at no time was it stated I would have to endure advertisements. This is not a free You Tube streaming site. I have already paid for the cameras and I'm furious that this is another attempt at squeezing more money from people to basically annoy the hell out of them to force them to pay a further subscription fee just to get rid of the adverts!!!
This is appalling and these ridiculous advertisements should stop immediately.
If these are not removed then this is a major black mark against this camera system and I for one would not buy your brand again. This and the wide range of other problems experienced by Blackvue camera owners is really showing this company's work & customer service ethic.
Please please please remove these stupid Ads ASAP.


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