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Viewer 2.06 x64 installation resolution

Having updated to the new viewer, my version of Viewer has installed with jumbo type looking like it is in a VGA resolution.

Have uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled. Still the same.

Am I going crazy?


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    Yeah~ that's how it looks on my 4k monitor as well. 

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    I have similar issues with DR750S 1ch v 1.016 and with Viewer (as of 03/26) on 64bit Windows & Professional.

    1) Every 15 seconds or so the video replay breaks up completely into mutilcolored blured ripples and then revert to viewable but low resolution video.The Card is 16GB supplied with product with USB 2 or USB 3 connections on fast Desktop PC'

    I tried 1080p  64 fps  Extreme and Sports options. Both have same breakup issues

    2) The Viewer application itself looks like low resolution VGA software app.

    3) The rotate function in Viewer and Firmware toggles do not allow video to be flipped up to down, which is sad because my installation has the camera upside down.


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