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From time of update to 1.015 my device rebooting many times.

From time of update to 1.015 my device rebooting many times but only when is connected to cloud. This happen randomly.
Starting from disconnected with Cloud and after that is restarting. This situation repeats itself for about an hour and then it starts to be ok for some time and then again.
I must turn off Cloud connection for now because I can't use it.


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    Sergey Shcherbakov

    I have seen something similar with reboots as well, but only when having dsahcam running with engine off and connected together with the hotspot to the same power source.
    So I suspect that the reason for the reboots could be the low voltage or insufficient power to cover all your devices including dashcamera. 

    (I am also running the latest firmware version 1.015)

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    I have similar problem; after 1.015 camera (DR750S-2CH) just keep restarting all the time, it doesn`t matter if the engine is on/off.

    I think i have cloud connection on, i just can`t switch it off because camera restarting after 1 minute from switch on (don`t have enough time to adjust settings).

    Camera is out off use now, any ideas what to do? Hopefully there are new update coming soon...

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    Hi I used RMA procedure and exchanged my dashcam to the new one three times and I have the same problem. When dashcam is connected into cloud my device rebooting many times but when device is disconneced device still restarting randomly but less often.

    No more BlackVue again!
    Support does not exists.
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