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Adverts in new iOS App

I spent hundreds on my camera and I can’t now use the app without having to watch adverts?! I don’t need your subscription and you are now forcing me to take one if I want to avoid them (which I won’t). Just because it’s a free app doesn’t mean you can add advertising, people have paid for a product, and an expensive product at that.

I would not have purchased this camera if I had known you were going to introduce this. I am not even sure you are allowed to do this.

I suggest people unhappy with this contact the retailer who sold it to them and look at refund options.

Completely out of order. You will lose customers because of this.


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    This company is truly the lowest. If you are trying to take money with an application,
    I bought a product from another company. Do not fool consumers.

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    Same for the android version. I have nothing against occasional seeing an ad but this is too much. Even pressing the "don't show today" button doesn not work! It pops up every f'n time...

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