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SO now we have to put up with adverts?

Not only are we paying a premium price for the cameras, now if we want to quickly view a live stream we have to wait for 15 seconds of adverts first?

This is a disgrace.

I will not be bullied into paying a cloud subscription.

I wish I had never bought this Blackvue camera.

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    Darryl Starling

    I agree entirely!!!
    I tried to add two posts complaining of this but neither were posted!!!
    For a camera system at this price point I find it ridiculous that they have resorted to forced advertising ... This is not a FREE You Tube type App where I would expect such things.
    Angered by this doesn't even come close.
    Yes, when I get a notification I don't want to wait 15 seconds to live view ... I want it immediately and that's why I pad the amount of money I did. Clearly Blackvue don't agree and customer satisfaction is secondary to pushing additional sales.

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