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Emergency Delete/ Stealh Mode

Hello. Im from Germany. Sorry for my English.

We have very bad laws for Dashcams here. 

Last Month a guy payed over 500€ because he had a Dashcam running.

The Police took his SD Card, and they saw that there were over 5 Hours of Video material on it.

My Idea is to add some Features to "stay hidden"


1. Add an Stealh Mode or Something. (2 short presses on the left side button)

The Camera stays on and is normal recording, but all LED's and sounds deactivate untill I dissconect the Power and Restart the cam.

All functions should be there as normal but the camera will not produce any Sound, and no LED will turn on. Even Wlan led when you activate the wlan.

When the camera is turning off the spech Output "the blackvue is turning off" will not appear.


2. An Emergency Delete system

If the Police in Germany ask you to get them your sd Card.

You can press at example 4 short times on the left side button.

The camera will delete all Video files exept of the last 2 or 3 immediately.

No Sound like "files get deleted" should appear. 

Some LED's sould blink discreetly to get some Feedback.

When you give the SD Card to the cops then they only find some Minutes of Video material And you don't have to fear a harsh Penalty.


It would be nice to get a fast answer.


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    In Security

    Definitely a great idea.

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    You could get a smaller SD card that would only hold a few videos on it and constantly loop... this way if something happens you can stop recording right away and keep that footage, otherwise you won't have a long record.  Maybe you can find a 2gig card fast enough?

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