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Can you add a Power Magic Battery Pack to Power Magic EZ system?

I have a 900S 2CH connected to OBD using Power Magic EZ.  Is there a way to add a Power Magic Battery Pack for additional power for extended parking?  Right now, the Power Magic EZ connects directly to the 990S from the OBD port.  I don't see a means to add an optional battery pack. when using OBD for power.

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    Wendy Dunham

    OK, I found out why I was experiencing such short Parking Mode durations, often disconnecting permanently after 5-6 hours:  my car battery was weak!  I have a Honda Fit that comes with a smaller 151R battery with only 340 CCA. Many Honda Fit owners have complained and opted to install larger batteries themselves.  I just did so, too, putting in a 121R with 600 CCA. What a difference!  It's been 18 hours so far and it's still in Parking Mode and accessible via the Cloud while parked in the garage. Wonderful!

    I began to suspect it was my car battery after reading that the Power Magic EZ OBD connection to the car battery would be a more powerful solution than adding a Power Magic Battery Pack. Problem solved with a new car battery, duh! :D

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