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Wifi Auto On not turning on with dashcam

Running the DR900S 2 channel and am using the latest firmware ( 1.010)
I'm having trouble with the Wifi auto on... not sure if it's a bug or I'm not setting up something right.
I have Cloud Service DISABLED.
I have Auto WIFI On set to ON.
I have Auto WIFI Off set to ON.
I am under the impression that if Auto WIFI On is set to On, the WIFI will be on/available every time the dashcam turns on when I start my car, correct?
But as soon as I start my car and start driving for a few minutes (and safely pull over), I don't see the WIFI symbol on. And I don't see the dashcam network when I try to connect w/my phone. If I press the WIFI button on the side, it'll say "WIFI ON" (since it was OFF), and then I can connect to the dashcam..
The Auto WIFI OFF seems to work fine... since when I turn the car off, I lose the WIFI connection after a few minutes.
Am I doing something wrong? Or not using the right settings?
Why is the WIFI not auto turning on when the dashcam is on?
I was hoping to install the anti-tamper cover, but if I have to keep taking it off to connect via WIFI, that would be too much of a hassle.
Hope someone can help! Thanks!

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      • Check the power source for your dashcam. Some dashcams are designed to activate the Wi-Fi feature only when they are connected to a power source, such as CPs tester when your vehicle's engine is running. Make sure the dashcam is receiving power as expected.
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