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BlackVue Help Centre on Safari

I'm having to use Firefox to post this comment, because I'm unable to use Safari.

NB. My email & password must have been accepted, because I'm able to log in using Firefox - the issue is surely compatibility with Safari?

I have registered with an email & password, receiving the "Welcome to BlackVue. Please click the link below to create a password and sign-in" email. Clicking the link takes me to the "Sign in to BlackVue" box (screen shot attached).

I use the "Sign In" button, opening up the box shown. I am able to enter my Email & Password into the relevant boxes, but nothing happens when I press "Sign In" on this box.

I have taken note of the "Cookies..." comment & pressed on the link to enable them. A new tab opens, with address "" - the window of this tab stays completely blank, but doesn't close itself. If I close this tab & return to the "Sign In" box the "Cookies..." comment remains & I am still unable to sign in. If I attempt to reopen the link to enable cookies, the tab opens & immediately closes itself.

Any suggestions?


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