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[DR900S-2CH] Hardwiring to fuse box issue.

To hardwire the DR900S-2CH, the instruction manual says to choose a fuse that relates to accessories, like a cigarette lighter or stereo. It also says this should be 20 amps. My new car has an interior fuse box for such things under the steering wheel like most vehicles. The problem is the only 20 amp fuses have to do with the door power windows. The one for the cigarette lighter socket is only 15 amps. When I tried the 15 amp cigarette lighter fuse and set up the hardwiring, the B-124 I have connected to the dash cam, said it was too low on voltage. I tried all the other 10 amp fuses and it was if the B-124 was not connected at all. And on top of that the power window for that fuse would not even work.

I'm wondering if newer vehicles are moving away from accessories that are 20 amp and going to 15 amp. The reason why I want to hardwire the battery is because it would charge at 9 amp instead of the 5 amp with a cigarette lighter socket. My commute to work is not that long and I never get a full charge on the battery to last the day at work or after work as the battery dies in the middle of the night.

What possible solutions can I do besides plugging directly into the cigarette lighter?

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    Mark Hair

    Chris,  ( I just noticed your query was submitted on April 17th, 2019, therefore, this must be a moot point ).  Anyway...

    First off, into what kind of vehicle are you installing this?  How are you connecting to the fuse box?   What means are you adding B-124 to the 12VDC?  

    I have recently installed, last week - 01/10/2020, a B-124 into my 2013 Hyundai Tuscan and I used a "MINI" Add-a-Circuit Fuse Tap to do it.

    ( Here's a link to one on Amazon just for reference:

    It made it very easy to connect.  I have it connected to a position on the Fuse Box that had a 10A Fuse.  Using the Fuse Tap, you will use the Fuse you take out and it will not effect the operation of that circuit and you can use a new 10A Fuse for your B-124.  My battery is working just fine with the 10A fuse.

    When you checked your fuse box for a fuse that is connected to the "ACC" or "Run" power bus, did you pull the fuse out and test which side ot the fuse socket has the 12VDC?  It sounds as if you tapped into a wrong wire and the battery isn't getting the full 12VDC it needs to charge.

    Good Luck to all future people that might have this issue in the future.  Hope this helps. 

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