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Mobile App Suggestion: Show Device Time when Configuring Time Zone / GMT Offset

When viewing the Dashcam details, please show in the app what time the Dashcam is configured to understand it to be. The problem is that I want to be sure I'm setting the correct GMT time offset for where I live and drive. I can set the setting, but I cannot confirm it is correct without waiting until later and viewing a live stream or downloading a video. If you could show the current time as would be interpreted with the user's GMT offset selection, it would be much easier to ensure the correct GMT offset is selected.


If you could please add the display of the dashcam time under the area of:

Firmware Settings > Basic > Time > Sync with GPS time



This is regarding the DR750S-2CH dashcam, and mobile app for iOS v2.90, the current version as of this writing.


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    Dennis Bareis

    Sounds like a good idea BUT putting the time next to TZ is incorrect as the DST setting also affects it. Those 2 settings need to be grouped together under a "Time Zone" heading.

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    Philipp S.

    I agree - good idea and a good comment of you, Dennis. I acctually have problems with the option "Dalylight saving time". If I activate this option, the time will be 1 hour earlier (I think) but the option does not switch off automatically at the last weekend of October. So there is the wrong time recorded on the video footage, if you forget to switch the "Daylight saving time" option off manually. That's annouying too... 

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