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Dashcam does not power up via Power Magic Pro

Hi, I hardwired my DR750S1 dashcam to the Power Magic Pro. Initially it was configured to always stay on in Parking Mode until car's battery level was too low.

Since that gave battery issues, I changed setting to 6 hours Parking Mode. All good if I stop/ starter within 6 hours. The dashcam enters Parking Mode or Normal Recording Mode.

But when the 6 hours have passed, the dashcam turns off. When starting car next time, the dashcam does not start. I need to flip the with on the Power Magic Pro to be able to start the dashcam.


How can this be resolved?

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    Did this get answered? I am having the same issues, instead of 6 hours, my units are set for 12 hours and neither units, installed in two different vehicles restart when powering the car up. 

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