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Power Magic Pro light is just blinking

I'm trying to hard wire a Power magic pro. I have the yellow wire connected to hot (battery) and the red wire connected to accessory and the black connected to ground. I've checked them for power and get 13V from yellow to black all the time. I get 13V red to black when the ignition is turned to accessory or on. 

The cigarette lighter adapter is plugged into the camera. When I do this, the LED just flashes green, about once a second. I can't find any information about what this means. I've rechecked every connection and they all have power when they're supposed to. I've tried turning the Power Magic Pro switch on and off, and I have tried the jumpers at the 12V and 12.5V settings. Through all this, the LED just flashes. The dash camera doesn't turn on (and it will power up just fine if I plug it directly into the cigarette lighter).

What does this blinking LED mean? Is this a connection issue or is the device bad? I'm trying to use my new DR900S 2-CH camera.


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