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Make recording (more) legal in germany! (normal recording + deleting files older than ~15minutes if not locked)

(repost of my topic in 'feature suggestion' - don't know where it fits best - sorry for that :] )




I own a DR750S-2CH and I really do like it.

The problem being, that it currently isn't perfectly legal to record video of public places in germany without overwriting it shortly after. (surveillance/monitoring laws)

The Federal Court of Justice/Bundesgerichtshof/BGH (highest court) has already debated about a dashcam-court-case. The results was that it is (kind of) legal if the camera is not always recording but most importantly not always storing the video for long periods of time!

Disabeling normal recording is not an option as I've found that the buffered 5 seconds are not enought for me to start manual recording if something does happen.


I'd want a additional recording mode which removes recording files prior to the sd card filling up! It should still lock event/manual-files but everything else should be removed after a predefined time. (5min ~ 24h, user adjustable!)

This way I'd still have enough evidence if I spot something or get into an accident while not violating the law "that hard"!

(edit: this obiously would only work when the manual/event recording would lock the previous and post 1-2 files)


I really hope that blackvue does care about this feature as it's often a deal-breaker for german citizens looking for a legal way of ensuring that they have evidence while driving.





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