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No Alerts on iPhone 6s any more

I have setup my DR900s to connect to the cloud, upload evens and notify me about events on my iPhone 6s (latest OS version).

Since several weeks, I stopped getting iPhone Alers from the cloud events.

The camera sends the events to the cloud fine, I can see them when I open the app in the Notifications. The Event videos get uploaded to the cloud ver well as well.

But the iPhone does not trigger Alerts in the phone notification center any more.

I do not know when an even occurs since the phone does not produce sound, or show alert.

All notifications are configured on in the app. 

The BlackView app has all notifications allowed in the iOS Notifications menu.

And it was working long time (with Live View button on the notification, etc.) but stopped since some time.

I have tried to resave the Notifications setting in the camera and in the app as well. 

Unfortunately, no iOS Notifications neither on Lock screen, in Notification Centre, Banners, no sounds, no badges.

Could you please help me solving this problem with the iPhone iOS app? It is unusable for being alerted on break in or other bad event at the moment :(


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    I'm having the same problem, but on android. No notifications even after reinstalling the app... 🤔

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    Same problem with my iPhone 11 Pro. Blackvue runs v3.0. I receive the notifications but can only see them if I open the app. No badges! It was working fine last month!

    Why do I have the cloud services if I have to check the notifications manually? :(

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    I just solved the issue.

    What I did:

    I tested the app on my iPad and it was completely fine. When I logged in on the iPad it forced to logout from the iPhone (does not allow the same ID in 2 devices) and asked me whether I want to receive push notifications.

    That triggered me to log in to my iPhone again with the hope that the app will ask me if I want to receive push notifications. Before login into my iPhone I deleted the app, turned off the phone and restarted. Downloaded the app again and logged in. The app forced to log out from other devices and asked me if I want to receive push notifications. I allowed and I started getting sound, banner alerts, and the badges.


    I hope it helps someone! 



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    Thank you! I've been having the same problems, also with my iphone 6s. Your solution worked for me.

    Much appreciated!

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    Happy that it hep someone!

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