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Opening Car Door Triggers Impact Detection Alarm Can It Be Altered

Hi All,

I have a recently installed DR900 2Ch dash cam.

Now when the car is locked and the system goes into parking mode all is good.

But when I use the car remote to open the door and get into the car I get a text message saying impact detected.

Is there a setting or a way that I can change this not to happen when I unlock the car and get in?

It is really annoying to get a text message for just getting into the car every time.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I adjusted the sensitivity to motion while in parking mode, but discovered opening/closing my car door creates a movement too large for me to filter out without missing a possible real bump from another car, person etc. so I decided to leave it at the more sensitive level and tolerate the messages I get about impacts during parking mode (but I don't get text messages, just announcements). If there were a way to detect that the car door is actually opening and disregard the motion I am not aware of it and cannot think of way to have the camera use that info if I could get it.

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