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DR650GW 2CH unable to use wifi

Im been frustrated awhile now on my DR650S 2CH, the WIFI part is simple not working as it should. I can connect to it and do configuration etc, but im on able to view or download clips it simply just return an error and this have been an ongoing problem since I got the device a couple of years ago. 

Is there any help to get ??? I have done anything reformatting, updating etc but nothing helps tried multiple devices etc. 

This my worst buy and should have returned it when the first problems started back in the days just some weeks after getting it installed to the car.


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    Yeah, i have been suffering from same problems for ages and are almost about to give up with this camera.

    With Android 9 WIFI-connection is very unstable / unusable. At this moment i need to reboot device before i can see camera in app. and download clips.

    Even WIFI is enabled on camera, most often it is not sending any WIFI-signal according to WIFI-analyzer apps. After reboot, WIFI stays "visible" for a short time only (maybe one hour or so) and disappears again. 

    I wish BW do not leave this unsolved, but I am afraid / it seems They have given up? Sad to see.

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    Forgot all about this case, my camera is connecting fine to my cars wifi. But impossible for my phone to access the camera's videos etc.

    I have been giving up on BlackVideo still running it, but when the time comes to get a new product I will choose another manufactor.
    The lack of support from them have been terrible and simply one of my worst buy. 
    The 650s have never been a product working succesfull in my case.

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    Ritesh Makan

    I was about to rant about how well this camera served me for 5 years, but this past 2 years the firmware has become sloppy and sluggish. A total waste of time and money, if a company discontinues a product that had been a flagship model

    DR650GW 2CH

    , but seizes to work because their app no longer works with the device. 

    Perhaps I would have my faith restored in this company if they decided to make their legacy/discontinued products be open sourced so we as developers can help keep the product line supported for "free". Take sonoff IOT devices for instance, very buggy, not as reliable, but loading Tasmota gives it a new life, thus keeping people purchasing the product.

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    J B

    I’m having pretty much the same issues with my DR650GW-2CH!  I purchased a DR750X-1CH for my wife’s car and it’s working well, I guess until it becomes discontinued, and I was trying to resolved issues with my older dashcam but my issues are falling on deaf ears!  Was really looking forward to adding another cam to my Vette but sadly it won’t be a “BlackVue”!

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