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Firewall issues for Blackvue Cloud

My Blackvue DR900S-2ch is playing up with my work WiFi

I am looking to install it on the dash of a boat that has Wifi Hotspot, and then download footage remotely in head office as required.

I am testing it using our Work Wifi and LAN network and I believe the firewall is preventing it from working correctly. When we have the camera connected to an iphone 4G hotspot it works correctly. When the Laptop that I use for Cloudview Viewer is connected to a 4G Hotspot - it also works.

Unfortunately when either is connected to a LAN/Network WIFI - neither the camera or Cloud Viewer seems to work. Our IT guys are pulling their hair out as they can't understand what firewall settings are stopping the camera/Cloud Viewer from working/connecting. 

Does anyone have any advice as to how we should have our firewall settings adjusted to allow the Camera and Cloud Viewer to communicate and allow me access to the SD Card videos? I can't find any help on this topic, and there is no information on the Blackvue Site or in the manual about this



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    Are you/IT-guys for 100% sure the Dashcam is connected to the Wifi? Mine three units were pretty Wifi-picking and Blackvue's Wifi implementation is not the best...

    According to my few minutes research of (just) Cloud client, it uses port 80, 443, 8443 and 11004, 12004(these are a bit exotic) and bunch of IPs from all over the place (Blackvue, GoogleMaps, BaiduMaps, Amazon S3).

    I think there shouldn't be problem to check logs of your Work router which type of communication it uses. Btw: What about proxy or similar technologies which are pretty often used for inside business network safety..?

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    Your full name

    I find there are a couple of issues getting the BlackVue dash cam to work with wireless.

    1. Poor support for WiFi standards, e.g. 63-64 character length WiFi passwords. BlackVue only support 38 characters max. Less of a problem for hotspots that tend to use short passwords, more of a problem for fixed wireless infra which could use pretty long pre-shared keys.
    2. Firewall. UnsatisfiedUser has posted the correct ports roughly, though what I have observed is slightly different:
    • TCP/443
    • TCP/8443
    • TCP/12001-12004

    Port map visualisation attached from my logs.

    It makes outbound HTTPS connections to the following sites.

    So if you perform any TLS interception you might need to consider white listing this domain and children from interception if BlackVue start certificate pinning.


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    For future users having connectivity issues and couldn't resolve it for a long time, 

    Do not block DNS port, 53. I had my firewall blocking DNS ports for all network devices and Blackvue DR900s would not connect to the cloud when it's active. 

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