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Flag currently recording clips as events instead of starting manual recording

I have my DR750S-2CH set to start a manual recording via the proximity button as it's the only way I know how to get the camera to note an event without me having to write down the current time and look through the list of clips later. However it seems starting a manual recording while a clip is already recording causes upwards of 8 seconds of video to be lost!

The other day I triggered a manual recording event of a car passing at a high speed and the camera dropped 8 seconds of video from the point of the end of the last normal recording to the start of the manual recording:

Normal recording: 16:41:31 end of the last rear-facing clip

Manual recording: 16:41:39 beginning of the next available forward-facing clip

List of available videos shows no videos between the point starting at 16:41:39 or 16:41:40

The video that's missing is between 16:41:31 and 16:41:39.

Ultimately what I want is the ability to flag the currently recording clip as an alert or "event of interest" to be able to find it later in the list of clips. Other cheaper dashcams have this "emergency lock" function which just flag the currently recording clip. Why doesn't Blackvue do this instead of starting a new manual recording?

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    While I really hate the way they handle manual recordings, I unfortunately can't confirm the lost video in between normal and manual recording. Normally, the manual recording is overlapping the normal recording about 5 seconds. (pre buffered time) I just check in with the latest recordings from today, they do overlap.
    Is this something that happens on a regular basis? Are you using the latest firmware? I occasionally get some dropped seconds for whatevery reason but that's pretty rare. You are using the max. bitrate, right? Is your micro-sd up to the task?

    I've found that I can get the best use out of the manual recording feature by 'triggering' it after the incident happened. At evening, my car connects to my home wifi and a raspberry downloads every manual/event recording plus the two clips before and after. While this technically doesn't protect the "protect-worthy" event video by locking it, it's normally enought time to not be overwritten by other stuff. (DR750S-2CH using 128GB)

    regards :)

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