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Video playback stuttering and WiFi interferes with phone operation

Hi, I have the DR900S-2ch and it has the factory 16G microSD marked with the Blackvue logo (not sure who actually makes it).

When I have my phone connected to the device via Wifi, I can view videos with no problem or buffering issues--both audio and video work (I have only tried the low-res viewing TBH).

However, when connected this way, my iPhone8 plus internet and messaging slows down or stops completely. I think my phone thinks Blackvue is a WiFi hotspot, which I don't think it is. I think it operates more like a Bluetooth connection. Correct me if I am wrong and please explain how I can get around this. It's like I can only have one or the other--see my videos or have my phone work.

When I transfer the videos via the microSD to my laptop or other computers, the video playback is stuttering like it's buffering, but the audio quality is unaffected. Actually, the audio plays all the way through and the video is still catching up (they are unsynchronized). I'd think this is a video card issue, but it doesn't explain why it looks seamlessly on Wifi and doesn't matter if I transfer the video to my HD.

Any help is appreciated!


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