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Fuse requirements of PMP

Hi everyone

I've recently purchased the 900S and it was bundled with the Power Magic Pro. I've been looking around at videos and documentation but I dont seem to be able to find clear information about _which_ fuses (based on rating) to select in the car's fuse box. For example, in my Toyota Prado 2014, I have fuses ranging from 7.5A to 30A. The PMP box states a max draw of 2A so am I right in thinking I should be aiming to use fuses at 7.5A rating? Even then, do I not run the risk of the PMP overloading because the amperage is too high in the fuse? Or is it that I should be using one of those duel fuse taps and using a 2A fuse for the extension cable of the fuse tap?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm not an auto sparky and I'd rather hear from someone in the know before I break my new toy!

Cheers :)

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    Ok so worked it out, the size of the fuse in the fusebox is irrelevant, what matters (when using a fusetap that has two fuse slots, as i did) is to ensure the existing fuse is put in the bottom slot of the fusetap, and an appropriate fuse put in to the top of the fusetap to protect the new circuit being created for the dashcam. In my case I couldnt find any 3A fuses around so ended up using 5A - one tip, get them from Bunnings instead of somewhere like Jaycar. Jaycar have an assortment pack containing 1 5A for $10, whereas bunnibgs sell a pack of 5 fuses that also has 1 5A fuse for $3.49

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