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Brand new 900s 1ch DOA?

Hi everyone

so today I thought I’d test my new 900s via the cigarette lighter port, before I attempt to hardwire via the PMP at the weekend. What I discovered is the gps and security leds continuously illuminate, then occasionally will go off, only to come back on again if I move the camera around a bit.

More concerning is that the record and WiFi leds never illuminate, with WiFi in particular not working despite pressing the WiFi button.

Speaking about that WiFi button, a long 5+ second press does nothing when it should audio prompt me about formatting.

Has anyone any experience with this sort of situation? Is the device DOA?

FYI I’ve also tried formatting the 32gb BV SD card in both Mac and Windows, and unzipped the latest firmware to the card, but the above problems remain.

cheers for any help!


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    Matthew Carmody

    If it's loading new firmware from the SD card it can take several minutes to boot up. I look for the BlackVue SSID to know the WiFi has been enabled. I accidentally kept disabling WiFi while putting it in the holder each time.

    What I found most helpful was to bring it into the house and plug it into a 12V source. Then you can reset it and play with it to your heart's content.

    Just a word of caution about the PMP - it may take many different circuits to work out which works best especially in European cars. I found most of the outputs turn off completely after my car was locked for 30 minutes. One of the few circuits that was still powered after 30 minutes was the fuse for the accessory 12V outlet. It seems you need one that "dips" the voltage as you switch the engine off, but then stays powered.

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    Thanks for the tip. I'm not an auto sparky by any stretch so little nuggets of info like this are pure gold. I have a feeling looking at the fuse box diagram that most of the fuses on my Toyota Prado 2014 are going to be switched, but I'll soon find out when i test with my circuit tester. That's all assuming I can get the damn camera to work!

    If I had a 12v source in the house I'd definitely be testing it from the comfort of my office but unfortunately I have nothing of the sort, especially nothing with a cigarette lighter plug! Shame it can't be powered by USB.

    Anyway, about the firmware, are there any visual indications that an update is actually happening? How are we supposed to know when the firmware has updated? As I stated before, the Record LED never comes on and neither does the Wifi LED (and thus, there's never an SSID to detect), so it seems to me like the camera is stuffed. 

    Thanks again for your help :)

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    Called the Oz distributor and without even trying to talk me through various steps, told me it sounds like the camera is dead. Here I am worrying about correct fuses and thinking about how the wiring will go and the bloody camera is knackered from the off! Got to laugh!

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