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So I've just received the 900S 1CH and have been looking through the manual. I saw that the camera can be removed from the bracket by pushing in the lock button on the bracket, and pulling the camera body sideways. I've tried doing this a few times with increasing force and the camera body refuses to leave the bracket, so I'm thinking I may be doing something wrong. Can anyone advise how this is meant to work please?

Also the adhesive sticker for the bracket has been supplied already attached to the bracket itself, however for the life of me I can't seem to remove the cover of the adhesive so that it can be attached to the windscreen. Is this already-attached pad meant to be the adhesive to the window, or is it actually some sort of simple vibration dampened? I only ask because in the box came a separate adhesive sticker (with the same red cover), and the manual doesnt mention there being two stickers supplied. I suppose it's possible I've received a used camera with new accessory packaging (hope not, though).



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    Matthew Carmody

    The lock in the bracket has two detents - the first allows it to rotate in the bracket. Push the locking button a bit harder and it will come out of the bracket.

    As to the adhesive - Yes it can be bloody difficult to bet the backing film off. Suggestions to put it in the freezer for a while, or heat it with a hairdryer seem to work.

    And the second adhesive pad is a spare.

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    Excellent, thanks for the quick reply. As it happens I did manage to get the camera out of it's bracket by pushing down quite hard on the lock button. Odd thing is it doesnt seem to need the lock button pressed for the camera to rotate - I hope I havent broken something (seems fine tbh)!

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