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App not letting me access the Select Detection Region on the DR900s

So like the title says, Every time I try to access the Select Detection Region on the app, it just takes me back to the firmware and update firmware screen and the app stop responding on my Samsung S9. Recently installed and firmware is up to date.

Parking mode is running on the Blackvue battery also. 


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    Peter Nakata

    Have same problem. Android S8 750s. Reinstalled app and same thing. I think it started after the Last Android update.

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    W. Martinu

    Exactly the same issue here, with app version 2.94 en DR-750S-2CH running firmware 1.0.17.

    A test with another Phone resulted in the same issue. 


    I'm 100% sure it still worked on 28th of July since I then built in the dashcam into another car. The app version 2.94 was released the 31th of July, so most likely it's a bug in this app version. Hopefully the get it fixed soon!

    I just reported it to Blackvue.

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