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DR590W-2CH - Wifi Auto On is not available.

I have a DR590W-2CH and I was wondering, is there supposed to be a "wifi auto on" option available?  I do have the updated firmware and there is a "wifi auto off" option available.  Right now, I have to manually push the wifi button everytime the camera starts to get wifi connection.  I have a DR750 which has both, though.


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    Jason M

    I have the same camera and issue with FW 1.003. I want to use the Tamper Proof case that I have, but need to leave it off on order to turn on WiFi. It's a useless accessory without this feature.

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    Dave R

    I'm not sure why you are attempting to activate the WiFi on your DR590W at all times. This camera doesn't support cloud upload so you can only download your files to your phone one at a time via WiFi or removing the SD card. The DR750 can upload to the cloud so perhaps that's why it can auto connect.

    I only activate the WiFi on the camera to view a particular video or download it if it is something I wish to keep

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