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Auto-ShutOff Cam at Specific Time: Reduce Excessive Alternator Usage


  • DR750S-2CH IR
  • B-124X (Battery)


Here's the Problem: The B-124X runs down completely to zero percentage, every night, while it keeps the power ON to the Blackvue DR750S-2CH IR.

Need some way for the Cam to Auto-Shutoff at a specific time.  Should be easy enough to implement through the camera settings in the Blackvue Application.  I'm really worried about the excessive (vehicle) alternator usage to bring the B-124X back up to 100% charge EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I do not want to burn out my brand new alternator by having to bring the B-124X to full charge each and every day.

This is not "camera specific" I'm certain there are DR900S owners out there who have the same concern.

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    T Anderson

    Agree.  I have dual 900's and just installed a battery pack, switching from the Magic Pro.  I left the magic pro wiring in tact in the event I want to switch back.  The battery pack discharge overnight and short drives the next day can cause missed parking events as may not be enough time for sufficient recharge even if hardwired.  For the magic pro I flip the switch when parked in my garage to shut off the cameras, saving my battery.  Then back on when I leave.  I have Drone Mobile and I need to protect my battery for that device.  A combination of HW to switch between the Battery Pack and Magic Pro seems to be the best solution.  I could then set the magic pro to record only 6 hours, assuming the battery pack will first give me a lot (or a few) initial recording hours.  Next best would be a config on the app to shut down the battery pack when only X minutes are left; 30, 60, 120, etc.

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