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Waterproof rear camera shows color VERY poorly. Almost greyed out.

I bought the "ordinary" DR750S 2ch. for my truck. I'm using it for documentation in case of right turn accidents. Then I bought the Waterproof rear camera and installed instead outside.

The problem is the color on the videos from the "indoor" camera is GREAT. Picture below.


But the color on the videos from the waterproof camera is fairly poor. By the way, mu truck is bright RED.I have tried changing cables, voltage, underpants. But no luck.

Faulty rear waterproof camera or ?

ANY suggestions ? 


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    Kim R

    Hello Erik,

    The waterproof "outside" rear camera for truck that you bought is an IR camera. This means that it will not display videos in full colors because it is intended to record in dark conditions. The regular rear camera installed inside the vehicle will display videos in Full HD.

    If you have any further questions, please email us at to get support. Thank you!

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