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Power Magic Pro Cut-Off Voltage

My PMP cuts out at 12V but that only gives me about 20 minutes of parking mode. My car battery is working fine, it never struggles to start the car. It is probably dropping a little below 12V though.

If I used a mobile phone power bank to power the DR650S and mobile hotspot that would probably work for £20 instead of paying £150 for a Blackvue battery.

Question is, do I cut off the dashcam cigar plug and replace it with a USB connector? What voltage is the dashcam, and where is it stepped down from 12V? does the cigar plug transform it from 12V to 5V? Is the dashcam running on 5V?

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    Ayaz Aslam

    Iv heard using a powerbank isn’t the best way to power these dashcams because of temperature issues getting warm etc

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