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Settings Update from App (iOS)

Here is my problem and I wanted to know if others with iOS are having the same issue:

I am running the latest firmware on the DR900s-2CH. I have the latest iOS 13.3.1 (iPhone X) and latest blackvue app v3.01. I also have the camera running off the blackvue battery, but that's irrelevant for this discussion.

I enable the WiFi when the camera is on, connect to the camera over the WiFi. I then open the app and go to the Blackvue WiFi. When attempting to open the settings by clicking on the Cog in the upper right corner, nothing happens. I am unable to open any settings for the camera. Any changes I want to make, have to be done via the desktop software when i pull the memory card.

I've contacted support and they seem to point toward a SD card issue. I've reformatted, reinstalled the app, reinstalled the firmware. Nothing seems to fix this. I think this is more of an app problem then anything with the camera, SD card, or firmware.

I'm curious if others are having the same problem...


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