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App need improvements


I am a new owner of DR750s-2h dashcam. Although the dash cam is well made, the app is less than desired.

i find it complicated with the mutilple menus structure. As drivers, i expect it notify me, when an incident

has happened, but it isn't straight forward as that. its needs to be connected it multiple fronts.

i feel, the app developers need to rethink this app from the ground up. 


i feel it should have simpler interface, maybe to cater to different users with different needs. I.e Basic and Advanced modes.

In the Basic mode,

Allow user to set basic features, recording modes, simple setup n you are good to go.

When you enter the car, App should auto connect with dash cam through wifi. Prompt me through

notifications on my iPhone if there any incidents. if not i drive off.  


Advanced Mode,

Be able to setup cloud if needed and other advanced features.


This app is not well thought of. And am disappointed with Blackvue. 

i am willing to be beta tester for your app, if you need user feedback.


Thank you,




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