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PMP Issiues

Hi Guys,

I have a issue with my PMP which just started acting up recently. I drive a Kia Cerato GT 2019. When I first bought your device and got it hardwired, everything worked as it was supposed to. As in, when I turned my ignition off, the green indicator light still showed and my dashcam switched to "parking mode".

Now a few months later all of a sudden, it's no longer the same. The PMP turns off when i switch my engine off hence my dash cam "Powers down" instead of going into "Parking mode" like I want it to. (And yes my PMP switch is "on" and my settings are on 12V with the infinity timer settings.) I also have the latest firmware update.

I have tested that my parking mode setting in my camera works cause when the ignition is on, it does switch from "Normal mode" to "Parking mode" when my car is stationary for about 5 minutes or more. The PMP switch also turns on as soon as I switch on the ignition. I have been driving my car regularly as well so my voltage cannot be low.

Could you please help me out with this? It's just odd because it was working perfectly before.

Nathan Fernandes

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    The Check Engine Light turning on, engine performance issues, and the car not starting are all common symptoms of a failing PCM/ECM/ECU. First and foremost: Confirm that your smartphone or other electronic device is compatible with your Kia.

    dynamons world

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