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Disappointed with manual recording mode

I bought a DR900S-1CH about a year ago because it seemed to be the best product on the market. But the limitation of manual recording mode only starting 5 seconds earlier kills me. (Aside from the fact that the proximity sensor doesn't recognize my hand half the time.)

How the heck are you supposed to capture an intense moment on the road? There's a good chance you're still dealing with whatever happened 5 seconds later. THIS BUFFER TIME NEEDS TO BE LONGER. How is this not the #1 most discussed problem?

There are a couple of other threads on this (#1, #2), and I have reached out to support as well. But until this gets addressed, this camera is unfortunately completely worthless to me.

Can someone at PITTASOFT please comment on why this doesn't exist? Until then I can't recommend this product. As many features as it has, it's missing literally the most important thing - record about a minute of what happened before you start a manual recording.


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    Gustavo Daniele Mineo

    sono completamente d'accordo, per quello che costa la camera sono molto deluso

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    Gustavo Daniele Mineo

    Completely agree, for what de room costs I am very disappointed

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