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900s/900x mounts

I recently had a 2-Channel 900s installed. A really good, clean installation.

I'm very happy with the cams.

However, it's frustrating to logout from Apple CarPlay to be able to log on to the dash cam.


The upcoming 900x might be the solution. So I'm wondering if the mounts and cables to the 900s will fit the 900x? 

So I can just attach the cables to the 900x.

(Not so keen on do ta full install again). 

Since the 900x comes with bluetooth and the option to add the new Blackvue wifi router thingy, will I be able to connect to the cam without loging out of Apple CarPlay?





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    Sandtown Ranch

    Did you ever get an answer?  I have the same question...  I have the 900S-2CH already installed and would be more likely up upgrade if I can just slide the new 900X into the same mounts and re-use the same cables.


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    Odd Hostad



    Yes, I got an answer:


    Freddy (BlackVue)

    Jun 2, 2020, 9:46:10 AM PDT

    Hello Odd,

    The set of cables would just be the same. 

    Best Regards,
    BlackVue Support Team


    If you decide to go for a upgrade, it would be great with an update on how it went. An troubles etc.


    Good luck!




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    Odd Hostad

    NB: Just to clarify,

    "If you decide to go for a upgrade, it would be great with an update on how it went. Any troubles etc. Good luck!" was my sentence and not from BlackVue.


    I've not upgraded yet. My reason for upgrading was to make it easier to connect with the cameras.

    I still have to disconnect Apple Car Play to log on, but the BlackVue App is updated, so it's much less hassle to connect with the camera.

    Had the camera almost two years now, no incidents, so no reason to connect with the camera for other than updates and checking some recordings for fun.

    When the car is parked, it's in reach for my home wifi.

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