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900s-2ch rear camera not working after firmware update

Hi All,

As the title says... I have a 900s that I purchased a bit over a month ago. I just got around installing it yesterday, everything worked great during testing and installation. Once installation was completed and I verified both cameras were working and recording, I updated the firmware from the original, shipped firmware to the latest version. Upon completion, the rear camera no longer works. Anyone know if it's possible to acquire older firmware so I can try to revert and see if it's a firmware issue or a hardware issue? It was literally working moments before the firmware was updated.




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    Thank you for posting the older firmware links.

    I, too, experienced this problem. Unfortunately, reverting to an older version of firmware (v1.008, v1.010, v1.011, v1.012) did not resolve the problem for me. The front camera records correctly, but the rear camera just creates 604 KB files and the BlackVue app just states 'Playback failed'. I noticed the rear camera's light no longer turns on either.

    Again, for me, everything was working fine before the firmware update.

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    Jesus Sanchez

    My rear camera for my dr900s-2ch also stopped working. I just replaced it with the 900x-2ch and the rear camera worked prior to the firmware update and now the new rear camera also stopped working after the update.

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