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IMEI Technology

How about an IMEI feature. 

The system detects any mobile phones within a certain distance of your car. so that if someone keys your car under the guise of rain/fog and dark night, and they are carrying a mobile phone, it picks up their IMEI number and stamps how close they were to the car and date and time. then you can give this data to the police who can then check the EMEI Number to the persons phone then look to speak to them about their whereabouts. then when they go to question them, they ask the persons whereabouts at such and such a time, then when the person replies they never left the house, the police can then ask for their mobile phone and ask if anyone uses it other than them. when they say no, its hook line and sinker. 

Blackvue would be the company to have this feature. you are the best on the market. 


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