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BlackVue Cloud Capability does not work.

Here is the bottom line on BlackVue's Cloud simply does NOT work! It is only there so they can advertise that the cam has it and try to keep up with Thinkware.

Sure, some people may get parts of it to work momentarily but it will NEVER work consistently or even connect consistently. Do yourself a favor turn OFF the Cloud capability and forget the Cloud feature is even on the cam.

I have not yet tried Thinkware but one thing is for SURE.....their Cloud capability cannot be worse than the DR900S cloud service!

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    How it doesn't work actually? I know that DR900S has some issues with Cloud during overheating (refuses almost every request, no to mention every unsuccessful attempt that still counts as a successful one - in case of free account) and in some other situations. But overall it worked for me quite consistently (to be honest i didn't know i need Cloud until i tried the Blackvue's one).

    And actually according to what i saw on some forums, Thinkware's implementation is probably far worse option... (not sure if they done something about it past few months)

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