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Blackvue Micro SD Card Reader Dead?

My 650S-2CH stopped making any sound a while ago.  I tried updating the firmware using FOTA, but that kept failing at about 75% - the 650 would just reboot, but on the old firmware.

I could see recordings over WiFi, btw, so it seems the card is okay.

So I popped the micro SD card out, popped it into the Blackvue-supplied reader, and popped that into my iMac.  Nada.  Zilch.  Nothing mounts.

Any ideas most welcome.


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    Hans Tobeason

    Update:  Seems the old BlackVue 128GB microSD card had died.  I have a new 128GB Samsung Pro Endurance card, which I formatted and loaded with 1.014.  However, no amount of rebooting, FOTA updates, more rebooting, will update the 650S from 1.012.  The FOTA process completes, and tells me the 650S is rebooting, but it's still on 1.012.  Any ideas?

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