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Blackvue Videos Not Playing On Google Drive

Hello everyone. When I try playing videos recorded on my Blackvue dashcam in my Google Drive account, it shows the error “Whoops! there was a problem playing this video”. Most of my videos are uploaded on Google Drive and I am afraid that I will lose them. Can anyone please help me with this issue?


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    Frances Moyer

    Finally, I found this article by searching on Google. The problem is solved after applying a solution mentioned there. I signed out of all the accounts from Google Drive and signed in again with one account. Now I can play videos from Google Drive without any issue.

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    wunsch taria

    In the end, a Google search led me to this article. After implementing one of the suggested solutions, the issue is resolved. I left Google Drive after logging out of each account and then re-logged in using the same account. I can now play Google Drive videos without any problems.

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