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Connecting to Cloud problem DR750X 2Ch

I have set-up the  Dashcam to connect to my Volvo XC40 WiFi Hotspot but when I use my mobile, it states that the camera is not connected. Has anyone else had issues that are similar ?

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    Peter Myers

    I find BlackVue and in particular the cloud connectivity to be one of the flakiest and least intuitive pieces of software it has ever been my displeasure to use!
    I have a Netgear NightHawk mobile in my cat which provides a perfect 2.4Ghz WiFi Hotspot for a multitude of devices... except my BlackVue 750X 2Ch. which simply refuses to use the hotspot connection...for no apparent reason!

    The constant juggling on my iPhone 12 Pro with WiFi Networks to get the app to connect to the dashcams network is a PIA, but at least it does connect...eventually, but BlackVue cloud is an absolute joke and simply will not connect to my Netgear network, or even my home network when parked in the garage (both using the required 2.4ghz)

    Blackvue, you should be ashamed of yourself with this rubbish!

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