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Parking mode delay after turning off engine (hardwire)


Sorry if this post exists. I haven't found the info anywhere.

I want to buy a 900X 2ch and hardwire it. But I read that the parking mode activates when turning off the engine. Imagine a situation: you have an accident, you turn off the angine to go out of the car, and you want to keep the dashcam recording after it. What options do I have? "Hit" the cam so the G-sensor activates the recording? And each how many minutes must I do this to keep the recording ON? Thank you.

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    I bought it... well... it is VERY ANNOYING to hear "impact event while parked"... and that event is that I CLOSE THE DOOR WHEN EXITING THE CAR!! ALSO WHEN I ENTER THE CAR AND CLOSE THE DOOR!! How can be so bad thought this mode? When Delay option will be implemented in next firmware?

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