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900x lte module help

So I have my blackvue 900x connected to my lte module. When I push the sim card icon it gives me a message retrieving sim card info, then after 20 seconds goes back to a message please connect lte module to activate sim card? It's still connected to the camera. The sim card is new from at&t and active. Not sure if it activated in setup. But to acess that it has to connect to the plugged in sim card. Thanks for any help with this. Dave

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    Daniel K

    I started to have some connectivity issues with the cloud...updated software, new sd card and even went ahead and got a new SIM card from T. mobile.  Can't get the cloud feature to work fine when connected to my home network in my driveway but cloud SIM card won't connect. Called tech support to make sure I was doing it right and the icons in various steps look like I am...You know why doesn't blackvue just allow these cameras to hook up to your phone as a hotspot to connect to the cloud. If you have an unlimited data plan you would be all set.  Granted wouldn't work when the phone wasn't in the car but it would still be an improvement over home/driveway wifi.

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