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Please help me with my blackvue dr750 lte..

Hi guys, I'm having some trouble setting up my blackvue dr750 lte, with the battery pack for parking mode. The dash cam was professionally hardwired by a local UK company, but unfortunately they have no clue as to how to set it up, which is a bit worrying. Having paid over quiet a lot for the camera and battery, I'm wondering if I should return it. The main reason I bought it, is for the parking mode gsensor and motion detection and also to record and save details in the event of an accident whilst driving, "touch wood this won't happen". Now, when I go into the android app, as I'm connected to the cloud, I see the setting, basic and in there I have chosen the option recording. Am I right to assume that if I just want the camera to record during parking, I ignore the option normal recording?. If I then don't chose normal recording does this mean when I start driving and out of parking mode, the camera will not record events during my journey? The second question, if I may again please, the next option in the app is sensitivity. I have read about this but the options are still not clear for me. Under gsensor normal mode, what exactly does up & me down mean and side to side?. I assume that up and down refers to the car hitting potholes and ditches and side to side, refes to impact from the sides when I'm driving? Aga7b2, apologies for the long post, and I really value your input.

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    Hi Tsobo, 
    Your dashcam basically records Normal recording and if you are using a battery pack, it should record on parking mode. 
    If you disable normal recording it means it will not record during driving and will only do when there is an impact. 
    When your car is not moving within 5 minutes, the dashcam will turn to parking mode. About the  G sensors, you are right about it, any impact on any given area can be detected when a certain sensitivity value is set.

    I will send a separate email for you to reply to instead of this post. 


    Thank you. 

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